Photography by PhotosByClark.com

Allen and his wife Daniela

Allen Michael Clark Photography
Born into a family of photographers, Allen’s motivation to start his photography business came from his other passion: sailing. Allen launched PhotoBoat.com in 2005 and didn’t look back. Now PhotoBoat is among the most notorious brands in the East Coast USA sailing community. While photographing on the water nicely mixes art with adrenaline for Allen, photographing homes, products, people, and landscapes allows Allen to use his eye in a different way. His wife, Daniela, shares his passion for travel, adventure, sailing and photography, and is often present at photo shoots.

About Photos by Clark – Three Generations
Allen’s grandfather, William Clark, was a well-known wedding photographer in California. The albums he put together for his clients, always waiting for them upon return for their honeymoon, were his trademark. Back then, that kind of speed in processing was unheard of.

Allen’s father, W. Michael Clark, was photographing professionally at his school at the age of 16. Though he ended up as a sales exec IBM during his prime working years, he returned to photography in his retirement. Mike enjoyed any project that allowed him to learn a new technique, but his passion was for bird photography. See W. Michael Clark’s Photography he

re. Allen and Mike enjoyed sharing their love for photography before Mike passed away in 2010.

Now Allen is proud to continue the Photos by Clark name.


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