Extended Family

Orchestrating a photo of 29 family members can be quite a task.  That’s when Daniela and I make a good team, as I focus on lighting and composition, while Daniela makes sure everybody is posed properly to look their best.  With a group this big, it’s easy to get lost in the back if nobody’s looking out for you!  Having an assistant with good attention to detail is extremely important for a photographer, and I’m lucky to have Daniela.


The Beach Life

Here’s one of my favorites from a series of beach shots I took in the Outer Banks this fall.

The Face of Experience

Being a photographer means not just knowing how to set up your camera or your lights, but knowing how to capture the feeling of a person.  I get to do it all the time with kids and couples, but it is not as often that I have the opportunity to photograph more “experienced” adults.  Photographing 84-year-old Ben was a true pleasure, one of those times when I felt fortunate to be in my position: behind the camera, creating a memory of Ben at that slice of time that his family will charish now and into the future.


That’s a surfing term, for surfing with your back to the curl of the wave.  Here’s a shot I like of Corey surfing the break off of Duck, North Carolina.

A different perspective

One of the great joys- and challenges- of being a photographer is the need to constantly produce fresh material.  When I’m out on the water shooting a regatta, the changing weather conditions and sometimes unpredictable actions of the racers help keep things interesting for me.  Still, I often feel the need to mix it up myself.  At F18 North Americans this year, I spent some time and a lot of effort producing some interesting shots with my underwater housing and a fisheye lens.  Here’s one of the products.  Don’t try this at home…

Corporate Cocktails

The New York Architects’ Regatta involves not only a great event on the water, but a networking/teambuilding cocktail party the night before.  As part of my contract with the event, I shot the participants in their businesswear on one day, and their foul weather gear the next.  The life of a photographer is never boring!

You’re a Tiger…

“Gatto” was very playful during our session today!